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Tirunelveli, popularly called as ‘Nellai’ by the Tamil speaking population living all over the world is a distinctive urban centre. Tirunelveli is located in the extreme southern corner of Tamil Nadu. Tirunelveli is a big name in the southern state in terms of business and economy, education and tourism. The historic city of Tirunelveli is a renowned tourist destination that welcome visitors from all over the world throughout the year for its long list of tourist attractions that include temples, sanctuaries, churches, parks and gardens, dams, mosques and so on.
Nellai Health Care

For a distinguished tourist destination, Tirunelveli is well equipped with health care facilities to serve the medical needs and demands of the local population and visitors as well. Some of the important health care facilities of Tirunelveli include government hospitals, multispecialty hospitals, super specialty hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, various medical schemes, primary health centers, sub health centers and so on.

Health Care System in Tirunelveli

The health care system of Tirunelveli is extensively managed by the Health and Medical Department that fall under the administrative ambit of Tirunelveli district local administration. The most common purpose of Tirunelveli Health and Medical Department is to extend approachable, low-priced and satisfactory health care in both rural and urban parts that come under the limits of the district.

Health Care Infrastructure in Tirunelveli

Health Infrastructure of Tirunelveli territorial dominion comprises of
  • Allopathy Medical College Hospital - 01
  • Siddha Hospital - 01
  • District Head Quarter Hospital - 01
  • Taluk Hospitals - 06
  • Non Taluk Hospitals - 07
  • Primary Health Centres (PHCs) - 69
  • Health Sub Centres - 383
Apart from the above government affiliated health care facilities, Tirunelveli is the home of a lot of world class multispecialty and super specialty health care facilities that offer forward-looking treatments and medical solutions. Also with the support of the above government affiliated health care infrastructure, several health care schemes are followed through for a major share of the district's population.

Health Care Schemes Implemented in Tirunelveli

The Health and Medical Department of Tirunelveli has been instrumental in implementing various health care schemes promoted by the Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India to the local population of the territorial dominion. Some of the most important health care schemes implemented in Tirunelveli include

Menstrual Hygiene Programme

The primary objective of the scheme of Menstrual Hygiene Program is to step-up consciousness among teenage girls on catamenial Hygienics, promote self-respect and empowerment for more zealous knowledge and values shared by the modern society. 

Furthermore, a few other important departments like ICDS Department, Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Department of Education will also share active participation in the implementation of this health care scheme. A specially assigned instructor is given the responsibility of distributing the sanitary napkins to the students studying across the government schools in the district. The village wellness nurse together with the anganwadi worker will give out sanitary napkins to the girls who are not enrolled in the government schools on every Saturday.

Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme

The Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme is followed through primarily for the benefit of the hapless people who are in deliberate need of advanced medical treatments including sophisticated surgical procedures. 

Palli Sirar Kannoli Kappom Thittam

Eyeglasses (spectacles) are offered to all those kids who are suffering from vision problems

Some of the other important health care schemes and programmes carried out across Tirunelveli include Leprosy Eradication Program, Palli Sirar Dental Health Programme and District Blindness Control Program activities, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program, Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme, Honorable Chief Minister Specialty Camp, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme and so on.

Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital (TVMC)

The Tirunelveli Medical College, popularly referred as TVMC is a leading government owned medical educational establishment located in the district. The educational institution along with the in-house hospital comes under the administrative ambit of the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. The educational institution runs a premier government hospital situated in a massive campus of 99,31,680 square foot at High Grounds in the urban center of Tirunelveli. The Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital is regarded as the major government health care facility (district level) that serves to the medical needs and demands of the local population.
TVMV Nellai

The government hospital is well equipped with various specialty departments and proficient physicians. Some of the specialty departments and facilities available in the Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital include plastic surgery, micro biology, thoraxic medicine, opthalogy, CT scan, blood storage facilities, siddha unit, special clinics, integrated counselling, cardiology and so on. Apart from this district level government hospital, Tirunelveli also houses several government run sub-district level hospitals, urban family welfare centres, urban health post, taluk hospitals and so on.

Important Contact Information:

Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital
Palayamkottai High Grounds, Tirunelveli - 627011

Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital, Tirunelveli
Phone Number: 0462-579785 (Office)

Medical Superintendent
Phone Number: 0462-2579785
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Medical Superintendent
Phone Number: 0462-2579785
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Office
Phone Number: 0462-2579785
Email: [email protected]

Resident Medical Officer
Phone Number: 0462-2572611
Email: [email protected]
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